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Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum Disorders
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Recognizing OCD
Lee Memorial Health System
Health experts say obsessive compulsive disorder can actually start as young as six years old. It can be obsessive thoughts and repetitive behaviors.

OCD, Phobias and Anxiety
In this four minute video, a description of common anxiety disorders is offered and psychological treatments are discussed.

Ways To Help A Family Member Who Hoards
International OCD Foundation
This is a short video on tips for family members dealing with someone who hoards.

Hoarding As A Mental Health Issue
TEDx Talks
It is not just about getting rid of stuff! Hoarding is a mental health illness and care needs to be taken when addressing the hoarding behavior. Ceci Garrett is the founder and Executive Director of Lightening the Load, a ministry that works to connect those in the Spokane area with resources and hope as they unclutter their homes, lives, and relationships. Her work to raise awareness about the effects hoarding disorder has on the family and the community stems from her personal experiences growing up with a hoarding parent.

Classic Profile of Hoarding Disorder
International OCD Foundation