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Kansas Healthcare Guide - 2017-05-17
"" More

Bariatric Surgery Alters Liver Fatty Acid Metabolism - 2017-12-08
"Bariatric surgery seems to change fatty acid metabolism in the liver, according to a study published online Nov. 20 in Diabetes Care." More

ORBIT Bleeding Risk Score Performs Best in A-Fib - 2017-12-08
"Four contemporary clinical bleeding risk scores are able to identify atrial fibrillation patients at risk for major bleeding and life-threatening bleeding, according to a study published online Nov. 7 in the Journal of Internal Medicine." More

What to Do If Someone's Bleeding Badly - 2017-12-08
"By knowing how to stop bleeding, you could save the life of a seriously injured person." More

Moms' Soda Habit in Pregnancy May Boost Kids' Odds for Asthma - 2017-12-08
"Kids are more likely to develop asthma if their moms chug sugary drinks during pregnancy, a new study suggests." More

Health Tip: Prevent the Spread of Norovirus - 2017-12-08
"Norovirus is a highly-contagious germ that triggers vomiting and diarrhea. It tends to lurk in confined areas, such as on cruise ships and in college dorms." More

Preventing Childhood Accidents at Home - 2017-12-08
"As a parent, you may worry most about your kids when they aren't with you. But many of the falls that send a million children to the ER each year happen at home." More

When a Preemie Goes Home, Dad Stresses Out - 2017-12-07
"When parents bring a premature baby home from the hospital, it's the dads who feel the most stress, a new study finds." More

Are Good Kidneys Going to Waste? - 2017-12-07
"Despite long waiting lists for kidney donation, a new study finds that one kidney from a deceased donor is transplanted while the other kidney is often thrown away." More

Metabolic Risk Factors Linked to Severe Liver Disease - 2017-12-07
"Metabolic risk factors are associated with severe liver disease, according to a study published online Nov. 22 in Hepatology." More

Impaired White Matter Integrity for Depression in Parkinson's - 2017-12-07
"Parkinson's disease patients with depression have impaired white matter integrity, especially in the long contact fibers in the left hemisphere, according to a study published online Nov. 10 in CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics." More

As Hearing Fades With Age, Dementia Risk May Rise - 2017-12-07
"Age can often bring a loss of hearing, and for some, mental decline in the form of dementia. But are the two linked?" More

Genes Start Mutating Soon After Life Begins, Study Finds - 2017-12-07
"Hundreds of minor genetic mutations start to form in the cells of an embryo soon after conception" More

Have Eczema? No Need for Bleach Baths, Study Suggests - 2017-12-07
" Bathing in water is just as effective for the treatment of eczema as bathing in a bleach solution" More

U.S. Gun Sales Rose After Sandy Hook Massacre: Study - 2017-12-07
"Firearm sales surged following the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012, when it appeared the United States might adopt tougher gun control laws." More

2771 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)