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Obtaining Services

The Center for Counseling & Consultation is making a change in the admission process starting January 7, 2013 called Open Access which is a walk-in intake process.  When a person wants to initiate services at The Center, they can simply walk in to start the intake, with no or minimal wait time.  This will allow the person to be seen when they choose to come in and to get immediate therapy intervention with their presenting issue.  It also eliminates no-shows and cancellations because if they are there, they get an intake and we have not saved a time slot for them.  This system addresses the wait time more effectively but also can affect client motivation and problem resolution—clients can be more motivated to come for the next appointment if they feel they have been heard, gotten some initial help, and are hopeful they will get more help when they return.


Our walk-in schedule for intakes is Monday through Friday, 8-3:30.  When a person walks in for an intake, they will need to bring with them their insurance information and proof of income (paycheck stub/tax return) in order to offer them the best payment option. 


We are hoping to offer a positive experience for persons seeking mental health services by giving them immediate access to services.  Our intake clinicians can offer hope, early intervention, and assessment of need for future services.  We hope that this new service will improve consumer satisfaction and that, if needed, people will feel positive about returning for additional services.  We welcome any feedback, positive or negative, about this new process so that we might continue to improve our service to our communities.


This process does not apply to crisis events such as screening for hospitalization.  Calling in for crisis or emergency appointments are still recommended to assure immediate clinical availability of our crisis therapist since that clinician might be called out of the office at any time.


For additional information or questions regarding our new process,

please call Gail Sullivan at The Center for Counseling, 620-792-2544.